Why Sell

Finally pay off those nasty debts

Many Americans live in debt. One transaction with Fire Creek Petroleum, LLC may just be able to reverse your debt and put cash in your pocket. 

Oil and gas are depleting assets

Too often we see mineral owners hold out and not sell their minerals. When prices are peaked, its the best time to sell. Otherwise you may just be left in the dust.  Something worth $5.000 - $25,000 today, may be worth $100 tomorrow. And with energy taking a shift away from oil and gas, now is the perfect time to turn your mineral interest into real cash. 

Send your children off to college

Not all of us get a full ride scholarship to our dream college. College education is important for many Americans and can help secure our future careers.  Maybe just sell a portion of your minerals and send your "very intelligent" child off to start their futures right. =)

Buy your forever home

We all dream about buying a home in to which we will grow. Selling minerals is perfect for young families looking to establish their stance within their community. 

Take that dream vacation

Now this, we all need. Whether you want to relax on the beach, go hiking through the mountains, fish in Alaska or be adventurous through the mighty jungles. Whatever your dream vacation is, you can be sure you will have a blast. 


Many people hold their mineral rights until their death. Once this happens the minerals will typically go through probate. This will reduce the acreage amount per person depending on how the minerals where split. This can reduce the amount the minerals are worth. Many times, this will hurt the family, instead of help them.